The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Was Heinz right to pull its male kiss mayo ad?

Insanity. I'm offended that Heinz was forced to take it off. It says a lot more about the British public than it does about the ad or the industry. - Gellan Watt

I agree, I'm offended and bloody angry. It was a harmless advertisement. - Sarah Miller

Definitely right to pull the ad. An awkward theme with which many people are uncomfortable. It should not be assumed to be OK for millions of viewers. It was badly conceived and in poor taste. - Roy Marks

I find it completely bizarre and ludicrous that people would want an ad pulled showing a so-called gay kiss, when the same is done on Coronation Street or Hollyoaks. I thought the ad hilarious, intelligent and well-thought out. Other advertisers should start being more racy instead of conforming to the norm. - Frank Kinrade

Very sad to think this ad was pulled after, no doubt, countless research groups would have told them that the overwhelming majority would not have a problem with the concept. The problem is probably more to do with the way the ad was executed - there was a fair amount to try to work out - and then in the middle of it was a "gay kiss". I am sure there were better ways to get the proposition across and avoid this issue altogether. But then would we still be talking about it? - Christian James.