The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Should Mars have pulled Snickers ad?

Come on, people, wake up and smell the fruit juice - he is clearly meant to be gay with his funny walk and colourful outfit. He is then shot at by someone. It perpetuates violence and makes it appear fun and acceptable to children. - James Walters

It's poking fun at speed-walking. The craziest-looking Olympic sport ever. We all think the same - it looks mental! It's not hitting out at sexual orientation whatsoever ... get a grip! - Gellan Watt

The walker is a wispy blond stereotype, the walk is a swish. Anyone who sees the ad and says seriously it's not making fun of gay people by stereotyping them is in total denial. Pelting him with candy bars is kind of lame, and having Mr T doing it from a military vehicle is way over the top, so I really don't think it advocates violence toward gay people, but it's certainly offensive. But Mars did it before. Remember the Super Bowl ad? Repeating such stupidity shows they're desperate for attention more than anything. - John Crittenden

As a member of the 'gay community' I can't say that I can recollect any chocolate bar-related incidents of violence! - LeeH.

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