The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - What do media people inside creative agencies do all day?

I'd love to see media people returning to agencies. It would make ideas, campaigns and processes seamless; plus, constant contact is a must. If under one roof, we can also cut out the hidden agendas - and we might be able to earn decent money again. - Double Ambitious

With (good) media agencies being well equipped for evaluation measures and ROI becoming more important, could we see creative teams occupying a few desks in media agencies? - Jack Bauer

In-house media is increasingly about managing agency expectations as a crucial check on delivering creative output against the client's objectives. This can make media teams as popular as a dose of salts, but whoever said "there is no such thing as a bad idea" was lying. Too often we are witnessing media-focused solutions applied to a brief instead of campaigns that utilise media channels to achieve a business solution. In some circumstances, media people in creative agencies can go "native", and the solution for everything becomes the biggest, longest, richest format, with the budget split 50/50 between media and production. When it works well, it really works, with the media team able to present the creative and vice-versa. - Iain Dawson

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