The Week: I-Q - The internet question - Milk ads: Asda? Tesco? Which one is best?

Is the average man or woman in the street bothered about being "friendly" or "local"? They're just places to do your weekly shop and any consequences are far from people's minds.

I liked Paul Whitehouse's spontaneous style, but it wouldn't make me travel the extra mile or so to my local Asda when there's a Sainsbury's in walking distance. The Tesco effort felt like a rubbish sitcom script. Did anyone else spot Clunes pitching the plastic in the bin, not recycling it? Oh, and the supermarket's out of town, so you have to drive there. True to life, but hardly green. - Will Callaghan

The Clunes vs Whitehouse question is a red herring. Fay Ripley outshines them both. She has a wonderful laconic style. But even eclipsing Ripley is The Red Brick Road's new lobster ad for Heineken, which is genuinely funny. - James Cooper

Whitehouse beats Clunes.There is a simplicity and modernity to Asda that Tesco fails to achieve. They may be targeting different age groups. Clunes has a wider appeal these days. Whitehouse is more niche, and opens Asda to a different demographic.I met Whitehouse once, he held a door at the cinema and looked generally embarrassed as he watched me swallow the urge to utter one of his catchphrases at him ... just. - Andy Sandoz.

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