The Week: i-Q - The internet question - What are your predictions for 2008?

New-biz heads will start to worry about how many TV ads they can include in their presentations without their agency looking old-fashioned. - Patrick Rice

Britain will talk itself into an economic slump by March this year. In a knee-jerk reaction, marketing departments will have their budgets cut in half. This focus on "ROI" will mean that those twee Orange commercials will be cut in favour of work that sells phones and DFS will be forced to cut its media spend as Britain realises it has enough under-stuffed sofas. Also, someone will have the outstanding idea of NOT using acoustic folk music in their commercial. Sir Martin Sorrell will tell the industry that Britain's economy is in a "bathroom basin" cycle, but won't say whether we're near the taps, the plug, or about to shoot out over the edge and get wet trousers. - Richard Hayter

A further surge in prediction-based user-generated content. But there's also a slim chance that every ad will have a swirly recycle logo or a leaf sticking out of some product orifice, whether it does anything to help the environment or not. And those three wacky bankers who travel the world thinking of ways to screw the punters will get their own series because they are so funny. - Peter Martin

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