The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - How do you rate AMV's anti-knife crime ad?

More likely to be wounded by your own blade? More likely than what exactly? Someone not carrying a knife, obviously. OK, I'm being a pedant, but I think, while there may be a good point, the delivery is poor. - Giles Stafford

Remember that they aren't obviously trying to appeal to you or the Campaign audience, they are trying to appeal to youth, which I think the ad does. It is gripping enough to be watched in its entirety until the message is delivered. - Liam

It's nicely shot and pacey. But the kind of guys who are carrying knives on estates just won't believe that they are more likely to "be stabbed by your own blade". A good try, but ultimately a waste of money. - Richard Hayter

There are, of course, bigger issues behind the apparent rise in knife crime and they need long-term solutions. In the short-term, this work aims to discourage people from carrying knives and I think does the job well enough. - Mike Blunt

I think the spot is pretty nice. I would have loved to see more close-ups, in order to get more emotional connection. But the tagline is a bit too loose and vague. If the Met is promoting this fact, surely they could come up with some hard statistics. - Gerrie Smits.