The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - How do you rate the new Orange 'I am' spot?

I am Turkey of the Week. - Martin Beswick

I am a bit boring and suffer under exactly the same strategy as O2. - Richard Hayter

I am replacing an iconic endline with a generic, already-been-and-being-used one. - Ronnie Blogsville

I am going to be up for review by the end of the year. - Ormiston Groove

I am the new marketing director of Orange changing anything that was approved by my predecessor. - Richard Hayter

I am going to go and watch a white labrador drink a vanilla milkshake, because that would be more exciting than this. - Alex Goldberg

I am remembering the Prudential ad from 15 years ago and the Standard Life campaign from five years ago and wondering when I can cancel my Orange account. This is really terrible. What a disappointment - great brand, great agency, but this is very weak. It's like something a planner would produce to illustrate a consumer insight, but as a campaign it doesn't work. - Mackenzie

I am obviously in the minority (or too emotional) because it did the trick for me. I'd certainly take it over a smiling house any day of the week. - Mark Smith

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