The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - What did you think of the ads in the Champions League?

ITV1 creamed an extra £1 million in ad revenue on the back of the final going into extra time, taking its total on the night up to £10 million. Advertisers paid £200,000 for a 30-second spot during ITV1's ad breaks, but did they make the most of their costly outlay? - BR Team

My prize would go to Ford for being first in the break and for looking like a Honda ad. - Kevin Mclean

I think the Nike ad was pretty reasonable, but my sense of right and wrong will never allow me to say anything remotely connected with Guy Ritchie is any good. So I can't. It was rubbish. - Kevin Whitlock

The Nike spot was even better than watching John Terry cry. Nice Ford ad, too. - Mark Smith

I really liked the Audi ad. The Nike one is good, but after seeing the full version online, it's not the same. - Simon K

The Nike ad is very good, but, weirdly, looks like a computer game - Arsene Wenger looks oddly flat and 2-D and the stadiums look lo-res. The Ford ad is an oddity, but, being relatively quiet, contrasted against the noise of the match. Don't remember the Heineken ad. Maybe I was too busy laughing at Drogba being sent off. - Richard Hayter

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