The Week: I-Q - The internet question - What do you think of Joss Stone's Flake ad?

Isn't Joss Stone famously hated in the UK? It just feels a bit safe. And what is that "real moment" when she drops some on her front and brushes it off giggling? - Double Ambitious

Must've taken them ages to come up with this one. Joss Stone doesn't strike me as the type to be munching chocolate bars (that you can't buy in the US) all day long. Great voice, but, by God, she's annoying! - Alex Donohue

Neil Simpson described Stone as a "long-time lover of the brand" who was "thrilled to come on board". Bet it was more like ...

JS's manager: "Hey Joss, what do you think about doing a Cadbury's Flake ad?"

JS: "Don't they know I'm all big in the States now, who needs good ol' Blighty?"

JS's manager: "They said how about £500,000 and all the Flakes you can eat!?"

JS: "God save the Queen." - Graeme Longstaff

It is so toe-curlingly bad, I thought it was a spoof. - Matt Watson

Flake ads were much better when there was a hint of filth. - Adam Powell

Joss isn't experiencing a "Flake moment". She's getting a "jingle tingle". - Matt Woolner

Disappointed not to see the Gorilla playing the drums. He must have a good career as a session musician by now. - Simon Bradley

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