The Week: I-Q - The Internet Question - What did you think of Mad Men?

The reviews looked good, but the first episode of Mad Men was, well ... rubbish. Don Draper (the creative director) is wooden, and the only interesting person is Peggy, the secretary, who reminds me of Ugly Betty.

Chris Arnold

I've watched the series and love it. Its appeal is that it is so crap and everyone is so wooden it's more of a comedy. If you manage to laugh at how cringeworthy people in advertising are, you'll go on to love it. A nice touch is the hints to famous campaigns and agencies throughout the series ...

Double Ambitious

Smoking and drinking at will ... I miss those days. Wouldn't have liked to work in advertising at a time of such blatant sexism/chauvinism/misogyny, though. I'd like to think that things have progressed a bit.

Steph Smith

The booze, smoking, sexism etc all seemed fairly familiar to me from UK advertising in the 80s. Of course, the business has been radically transformed since then.

N Christie

Mad Men is shit! This view is shared by others like me that worked in New York through the 60s. It's the writing that is so cliched ... And I have never heard anyone who worked on Madison Avenue call themselves a "Mad man!"

George Parker.


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