The Week: i-Q - The internet question - What do you think of the new BA ad?

A bit dull. A bit predictable. A bit of a shame, really. - Richard Hayter

Shouldn't all these BA staff be out looking for passengers' lost luggage instead of handing out drinks on the streets? - Bill Britt

Snooze, 80s advertising. As a truth it's rubbish too, Virgin service is far better. Invest in your service, don't spunk ten mil on an ad to talk about it. See Virgin for tips; i-Pod charger, open source in-flight gaming and Wi-Fi web access. - Duncan James

They should have done a satirical campaign trying to apologise/turn around the price-fixing fiasco, but no, just a smiley smiley ad - we are great, fly with us. - Peter Petrelli


Never thought I'd see BBH so on the back foot with a client that they resort to the old "wouldn't it be great if life was like this" idea. - Tim Brody

Surely it would make more sense to shoot an ad for BRITISH Airways in, I don't know, Britain? Sydney seems completely pointless. - Sarah Vernon

We all know BBH can still do good work. So maybe it's a crap client? - Richard Hayter

Crap client? Maybe. But a great agency would still not let this through. Someone had the chance to speak up and say "no way", but they bottled it. - Martin Beswick.