The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - What do you think of the nude Comfort ad?

Good, but long. Some people will find something to complain about it too. - Julian Esposito

Brilliant. Finally a softener ad that doesn't involve garments exploding or puppies everywhere. - Alex Goldberg

Really, really good. Ban it immediately. - Ronnie Blogsville

Sheer excellence. I just hope they can afford enough media to make an impact. - Richard Hayter

Very clever. A different spin on the old softener ads. - Jacquie Bowser

Nice. You can tell it's not a P&G ad ... It wouldn't have let something out to advertise the category, rather than the brand. - Ian Moore

Changing brand overnight. - Andrew Harrison

Yeah. Ban it. I saw his bum. - Gellan Watt

Making a washing detergent commercial which appeals to me - it really is quite a feat! - Audio Android

Haha, love it! It's a bit too long ... I'm sure a shorter version will soon appear. - Jane Moore

Well, I suppose it cuts out the trauma of trying to decide what to wear in the morning. - Adam Powell

Isn't this a bit similar to Ogilvy's recent Tilda spot with the ashamed mother? - Gabriel Miller

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