The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - Is it time for Orange to end its 'gold spot' ads?

The ads provide the Orange brand with much affection, they convey that the company has a sense of humour, and as brand character becomes increasingly important, they shouldn't drop the spots.

Don't meddle for the sake of it. Although Mother did produce them, so I understand why advertising people hate them. - Double Ambitious

I'm a fan of Mother's work, normally. But this idea is just a bit tired now. Time for a change. - Richard Hayter

Sad as this may sound, if I was with a group of friends at the cinema we'd argue whether the latest Orange spot was as funny as the last. Perhaps the last few (bar the Macaulay Culkin one) haven't been up to scratch, but the campaign has shown longevity and that the actors are good sports. But every campaign has a shelf life. As for choosing Snoop, if you've never watched his gangster horror classic Bones, I advise you to do so. Oh, and he's allowed back in the UK now, amazing timing by Orange! - Alex Donohue

They still make me laugh, and I have recently seen cinema audiences emit a loud guffaw when the "gold spot" comes on, so I think they still work. I thought the Snoop ad was the best out of the recent ones. - Darren Davidson

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