The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question - What's adland's biggest cliche?

Cars and mountain roads - there's more than enough of those knocking around and, really, how many people who buy 4x4s live the life of Crocodile Dundee? - Double Ambitious

Super slow-motion effect. It really is a bit boring now. You get paid to produce 40", so making 20" and just slowing it down is a piss-take, if you ask me. Car manufacturers, such as Citroen, using "creatures" to keep their tracking scores high, this is getting a bit cliched. - Jack Bauer

Ads that use an acoustic track together with soft lighting and ideal-world scenarios; the idea that cereals have to be exciting, ie. Coco-Pops propelling themselves around a kitchen; ads that show cars jumping through hoops, through fire, careering round hairpin bends, etc, and generally labouring under the assumption that people are happy to spend more time in their cars than is humanly possible. - Claire Gates

Any ad that tries to tell me the internet is now mobile. It's been like that for a while, darling. - Sam Ismail

Sanitary goods that make ladies roller-blade, sing, skip, dance, swim, glow and generally parade around excitedly extolling the virtues of being a liberated human during their menstrual cycle. - S J Rutledge.