The Week: i-Q - The internet question - Why are there so few female creative chiefs?

Ask Neil French ... Remember when a year ago at a conference in Toronto he was asked this very question, he replied something like: "Cos, women belong at home in the kitchen!"

OK ... It might not have been those exact words, but close enough. - George Parker

I once went to a presentation where the agency founder said most advertising doesn't work because creative directors are men. I found that a bit upsetting, as I am both. When I reviewed a very good copywriter in my agency a few years ago, I asked her how she wanted to progress her career. She um'd and ah'd a bit, so I said: "Do you want my job?" She replied: "Never in a million years." She just didn't want to deal with the bullshit. Maybe that's the difference? Maybe Tiger Savage et al don't mind the bullshit? - Richard Hayter

Victoria Gallardo, the creative director of Feel, is also Spanish. Not many foreigners in senior positions in the UK either. There are many other women in top jobs in agencies, it's probably just that they don't have big egos and like to get lots of PR so are less obvious. I think many women hate the laddish nature of big agency creative departments and prefer to head for small shops with a nicer attitude. - Chris Arnold

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