The Week: I-Q - The Internet Question

Do Facebook and MySpace suffer from a class divide in the UK?

The primary reason Facebook and MySpace differ demographically is usage. There has been research published that identifies how people are disloyal to each social network, using each for its primary benefit, switching when it suits. This shows not how people are divided, but illustrates how the web makes it easy for people to get what they need. - Matthew Drury

MySpace is predominately for music, and is amazingly badly designed. Facebook is for everything else, and is well designed. As a result, you tend to get music-led folk on MySpace (who, by their very nature, tend to be young), and the rest on Facebook. - Will Humphrey

Advertisers don't seem to be concerned with the divide that may be apparent on the sites, they are more concerned about keeping up with the next big thing that is attracting an audience. At the moment, that's Facebook. - Sam Russell

Your average teenager will run a country mile from Facebook, as it is generally "not relevant" to their life. The point behind MySpace is music, giving interested individuals access to their favourite bands, etc. MySpace allows strangers to become "friends" based on their common interest. Facebook, however, does not let you do that. - Russell White


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