The Week: i-Q - The Internet Question

Does it matter if Fallon ripped off the Sony Bravia 'Play-Doh' ad?

No, it doesn't really matter where creatives get their inspiration from. But they're not really "creatives" if they're just copying someone else's idea, are they? - Mark Bridge

There's a difference between being inspired by someone else's efforts, and lifting them wholesale for massive profit. - Dylan Mouratsing

Ain't nothin' original in art, either. It all rather depends on who claims what, but even then, it is always possible for two entities to arrive at a similar solution at the same time. - Peter Martin

When art directors are inspired from other artists, at least for ethical reasons, they should credit the artists if they (the artists) are not hired to produce the work. Otherwise, the job is just too easy for whoever does art directing. - Fan Li

Do consumers care is surely the question? All this pontificating about if we borrowed a bit here, ripped off a bit there is symptomatic of an industry that doesn't feel comfortable with itself. Yes, they took some inspiration, took a bit from a 1999 Apple iMac ad, too, if you look hard enough and listen to the soundtrack - so what? I am thrilled we have advertising people are talking about again. Imagine a world that was full of ideas like Fallon's popping up all over the place. - Mark Hancock.