The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Adam & Eve's new Westfield ad

I know it's meant to be moths and light, but I can't help thinking of flies and shit. - Dominic Gudgeon

I think the amount of advertising they've had and how much they've spent on marketing the 'state of the art' centre is impressive. The hard bit is keeping the shopping centre as cutting edge as they say it is, as notoriously they seem to go down the p.a.n ... - Clare Scott

Cute ad - hate the logo ... it really looks like they don't match ... - Gellan Watt

That logo is a joke ... what a shame ... I bet they were really gutted about having to put it on that lovely advert. - Hannah Batchelor

Beautifully shot, the moths and London look great. The best ad for a shopping centre I've seen for a while. - CH

Looks beautiful, but I hate the symbolism, human moths (or are they meant to be fairies?) who are helplessly drawn to a light - like we can't resist a new shopping centre? Agree, Westfield logo looks incredibly dated. - Kevin McLean

I think the concept of human moths is a bit balls, but it's executed beautifully. It's nicely done and by far the best ad for a shopping centre. - Alex Goldberg.