The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... the ASA ban on CHI's latest Tiger Beer ad

Eight complaints. - Dean Webb

Complaining is becoming the UK's number-one pastime. To receive only eight is pretty poor. - Richard Hayter

Pulling this ad is what's in poor taste. It simply takes advantage of a social phenomenon to create a tongue-in-cheek campaign. The ASA needs to get with the programme. - Andy Knell

It is a crass, dumb and pathetically sniggering piece of advertising, though. But I wouldn't complain in case it encourages them. - Graham Pugh

I feel the need to complain in the strongest terms possible. Someone needs to tell the Mail and get the message out there. Absolutely disgusting. - Archie Strang

Jesus, storm in a pint-glass. About the only part of the ASA's ruling I'd agree with is the 'untargeted poster medium' - ie. kids could see it. Maybe next time they should go more cryptic, and juxtapose with a ping-pong ball. - David Ridings

Why do the views of people who complain get preferential treatment? Is there something about complaining's innate worth that means that those who do complain must be appeased at all costs? - William Howard - Post your views at