The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Cadbury's 'eyebrow dance' ad

Rubbish. Quite simply. - Andrew Payne

Is it all computer-generated or are those freaky kids? Intriguing ad but shit campaign. - Lynzi Ashworth

It's great and everyone loves it! The music gives the ad the character and connection value and most of its drive. Who did it? - Audio Android

Turning me off Cadbury more and more, just makes me think of it as an arrogant brand. This has nothing to do with talking to its core target audience; if anything, it would be alienating them. Weird. - JP

As a Cadbury Dairy Milk fan, I am wondering if I might defect to Galaxy. I really don't get what these ads are doing to make me feel that I need a chocolate joy fix right now. Interested to know whether sales of Dairy Milk are increasing - or not - as a result of this campaign. - Tina Bettison

I love it. A thousand times better than "trucks", which was just rubbish. I suspect this will divide audiences as much as TNCC's "bring on the trumpets!" ad does. Am dying to know if it is all computer-generated or if the kids are genuinely possessed of freaky eyebrows. - Sarah Vernon

The balloon-scratching is brilliant, that has Britain's Got Talent 3 written all over it. - Julian Esposito

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