The Week: i-Q - Web chat about - CHI's new 'great escape' Anchor ad

Spoofing can go either way: in the case of the PG Tips ad, it went very wrong in my opinion; and in this case, I love it. Simple, enjoyable and who doesn't like the theme tune to The Great Escape? - Julian Esposito

Nicely observed and made me laugh. Will probably get 100 complaints to the ASA from farmers upset at being portrayed as Nazi stormtroopers. - Richard Hayter

Charmingly executed. Clear message. Especially like the pitchforks. - Matt Lord

At least the cow makes it; just wish for once Steve McQueen did. - I Scream Man

Shame it didn't break before the McDonald's campaign, as hearing that theme tune has brought on some terrible flashbacks. But I do like it. I can see how it'll appeal to pro-"free-range" consumers. - Lionel Thompson

Unlike McD's, though, Anchor ends with a nice uplifting key change and addition of the percussion, coinciding with Mr Cow's take-off and great escape. The audience is left upbeat and thinking positive thoughts about Anchor ... butterrilliant! - Andy Knell

Good tune, upbeat mood and positivity but the ad's message is not so clear. - Neeti Keswani

Sorry, done in the 80s by BBH for Asda, I think. But hey, who cares, at least it's a bit of fun! - Peter Lynex-Hopkins

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