The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... complaints to the ASA about atheist bus ads

Not a huge surprise, surely. Particularly given that complaining about just about anything seems to have become our national sport. - Richard Hayter

I can't think of any body more qualified to answer the age-old question of whether God exists than the ASA. Good to see the paranoid Christians haven't lost their legendary sense of humour. - A Diaz

Thinking of complaining to the C of E about a church banner near me saying "Jesus Is Everywhere". Will they send someone down to investigate whether that's truthful? - David Corlett

The campaign has started a national debate about religion and the existence of God. How brilliant is that? Well worth £130k. - Roger O'Thornhill

Brilliant campaign. The only disappointment is it hasn't generated more complaints. I love Stephen Green: "I presume, in all sincerity, that there is not a shred of evidence proving that there is probably no God." It's got the makings of a comedy sketch. - Andrew McCormick

A 'waste of money' is purely subjective. It's the principle that atheists should be allowed to spread their message just as freely as any religious group. Don't like it? Well I'm not exactly thrilled about messages on church billboards, either. So why are Christians complaining? Perhaps they are worried it might actually work ... William Howard.

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