The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Are Facebook and Twitter a waste of time?

It's so sad to see people moving "down" the hierarchy of communication. Frank Lowe used to insist we avoid using the internal telephone in his agency because: "The conversation you have on the way may be more valuable than the one you went to have." One hundred and forty characters? In the communications business? Ho-ho. - Rick Sareen

Both are great and I use them lots. The backlash is a reaction to excessive hype. Too many people hail such developments as revolutionary products that will sweep away everything before them, when they are just neat ways to talk with friends and contacts. And I say that as someone whose job is to represent commercial TV. - Tess Alps

The likes of Facebook and Twitter obviously have a place in the market. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and may not be the advertising medium that people hoped, but it's here and it's in vogue. - Jason Edge

Twittering is definitely over-hyped at the moment, but I don't think Facebook is at all. Some people don't get Facebook, while other people enjoy it a solution to tying all of their social networking needs in one place. But I'm with you on one thing: monetisation of these. Would Facebook consider supplementing ad revenue with a monthly/annual fee? I'd pay it. - Jack Wallington.