The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Fallon's 'Orange Wednesdays' ad

Nice idea and will have standout but can't help but feel that what could have been an awesome concept just hasn't quite delivered in the execution and script. You want it to be funny but, actually, it's a bit flat. - Lucinda Mould

Bring back the two movie guys that ruin films - much funnier! - N A

Rubbish, so cheap compared with the previous work. Not even the original witch! Unfunny, looks like it was shot in Croydon. - Andrew Chapman

I liked the Orange ads much better when Mother did them. Time to leave the "I am" line alone now, it's horrid. It didn't work and I feel it never will. - Ad cruncher

The previous ads were funnier, but this appeals to younger people. It kind of mocks itself as well with the witch saying: "I am who I am because of Vicky." - Nes Sahinkaya

I kept waiting for a punchline; I'm still waiting. - Sefton

I couldn't help but think of Mother's Oasis Cactus Kid when I saw this. - Stefanie Forbes

Truly awful. I wanted to like it as I love the "Orange Wednesday" offers but this is not good. It feels uninspired. I bet the creatives really sweated over this. You can feel them grasping for a big idea while watching it. - Holly Martins

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