The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... The Government/IPA's Creative Britain event

This won't change anything and it's irresponsible of the Government to use the future careers of young people to score political points. Advertising is elitist and I can't see that changing. - Holly Martins

I think it is a good thing to encourage young people to consider a career agency-side. It will raise awareness and enable talent from a wider gene pool than those with family already working in the industry. - Nick Myers

It's good in as much that they're trying to knock elitist and nepotistic tendencies on the head. But I'd rather they put time, effort and money into recruiting key workers. That may make me sound like a Daily Mail-reading right-winger (I'm quite the opposite), but at the moment there are more important things they need to be doing. - Richard Donaghue

No criticism of M&C Saatchi, but it's hardly the cutting edge of the creative industry. Few ad agencies are, compared to the stuff being done in other areas. Maybe Fallon, Mother or W&K or a digital company, TV graphics, design or computer games would have been better with some younger, more dynamic creative people. - Chris Arnold

Nobody, least of all young people, listens to the Government. What they should be doing is encouraging the good among us into politics. - Dominic Gudgeon

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