The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Lowe pulling out of the John Lewis pitch

I've never understood why incumbent agencies repitch when clients decide to look around. It's not much of a vote of confidence, is it? - Richard Williams

The current TV ads are cracking: good execution, demonstrate breadth of offer, clear branding and memorable. In fact, everything a good TV ad should be. I'd stick with Lowe. - Matt Stewart

Sometimes when an agency's had an account for a long time, it gets complacent. Repitching reminds the agency why it wanted it in the first place, and makes them work hard on a new direction for the brand. It's just a reinvigoration of creative for the agency and a vote of confidence for the client that it's still with the best agency for its brand. - Holly Brockwell

After such a cracking campaign this Christmas, I can't see how Lowe could be considered "complacent". Bit of a slap in the face, when the client then turns around and asks you to tap dance for your money straight after. - Lucinda Mould

Are the John Lewis ads really any good, though? Like-for-like sales are down. Lowe's campaign is the type of work that pleases the ad community and might do well when times are good and people are feeling good about spending money in a department store. - Martin Corcoran.


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