The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... MPs attempts to crack down on Google

I don't understand how Google is a monopoly. There are thousands of search engines available. Google just happens to be the best. - Johnny Watters

Google, like Microsoft, Apple, Wikipedia, Facebook, BlackBerry and others, simply changed the rules of business. The innovators always change our way of living and thinking. - Victor Guillen

It is not a monopoly, unless the big G starts buying up all its competitors. Because people use Google more than anything else, it is going to skew the ad market, but doesn't that mean others ought to up their game? - Mike Page

Mike, I couldn't agree with you more. The MPs need to consider and remember that it is the advertisers setting the price for the advertising, not Google. - Duncan Green

Duncan. I agree mostly, but the prices are heavily influenced by Google. Each time it has changed its system for advertising, the average prices have gone up for businesses using AdWords. It's all very well not setting the fixed price, but if your mechanism decides the price, then it's just as much an influence. - Rob Mortimer

Exactly, Rob. Google owns the space. Advertisers may notionally set the price, but not to the extent they could walk away if they didn't like it. - James Mitchell