The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... The new Halifax ad

I loved Howard, but this is brilliant on so many levels. - Gellan Watt

Good change of direction. - Daniel Brown

Better than the old ones. - Elliott H

For a second, I'm sure I saw Howard straining with a foot on his head in the first pyramid sequence. - Reddick

Hmmmm ... this is a bit like a couple of old Halifax ads from the 90s when people formed themselves into house-shaped pyramids. The differences are a) they were customers, not staff and b) this ad is for banking, not for mortgages. I wonder why they're not promoting mortgages anymore ...? - Dominic Mills

I know Halifax did it first, but this lots-of-people-making-stuff [idea] has been done to death. - Andrew Chapman

So sick of 'crowd' ads and the jangly guitar sounds - very 2007. Let's move on. - Richard Hayter

If anyone could get away with still doing crowd ads, it's Halifax. Good work. - Daniel Brown

Feels like I've seen it before ... - Ad Cruncher

After God knows how much production budget, we end up with a fiver for being a valued customer. No thanks. I guess Howard is probably dancing on ice - let's face it, the rest of us are. Thin ice. - Peter Lynex-Hopkins

It makes me want to saw my own head off. - Sue Turner.