The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... The new Sony Bravia ad

Lots of 'theatre' in the direction and great music makes it worth a watch. - Richard Hayter

After reading how this was being made a few months back, I was excited to see the results. I'm not sure I should've been. - Ashley Brown

There's a major flaw in this ad that Fallon has chosen to ignore. The zoetrope image of Kaka is, by its very nature, not smooth at all. - Gabriel Miller

'Meh, meh, meh, but a zoetrope isn't actually smooth.' It's exactly this type of whiny, hypercritical and literal response that kills good work, most commonly from clients. The ad is a symbol of product performance. It's poetic licence, not an exact representation. The Bravia advertising has succeeded in making demand for Bravia more inelastic. They have created a brand that holds as much value in the consumer psyche as real product performance. - Stu Park

The timelapse 'making of' video on YouTube and the mobile footage uploaded during the filming two months ago make the whole thing feel a bit more clever/amazing, I think. - Ben Southgate

As much as I like the concept, the art direction is wrong for the product. - Julian Esposito

Why doesn't everyone just admit they're a bit gutted they didn't do it? - Anton Reyniers

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