The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... The new T-Mobile ad

A complete rip-off of improv everywhere: nothing original there. - Tony Holdstock-Brown

Doesn't anyone remember The Fisher King, directed by the brilliant Terry Gilliam back in, oh, 1991? - Mark Humphries

Maybe not original but still very watchable - infectious. Especially the bits of real people reacting ... could maybe have had more of this? - Kevin McLean

Thought this might feel really forced, but I think it's been really well executed. It's a shame it wasn't done in the days of flashmobs and Circle Line parties, though. - Frances Swanwick

Yawn ... and then cringe. - Richard Hayter

I love it. Perfect execution of the idea - you want to send a message about sharing? Get people to share! - Nes Sahinkaya

Come on, it brings a smile to your face, and people seemed to love it. Agree with Kevin: it could have had more of people reacting to it but, needless to say, well executed. - Julian Esposito

Another flashmob ... snore. - Carl Martin

It's fantastic. This guerilla representation is perfect: it got audiences to actively participate on their own merit. The only thing that is missing is getting the audience to realise it was for T-Mobile. That is the next challenge in interactive advertising. - James Stevenson

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