The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... the new Waitrose Christmas ad

As far as festive ads go, this is pretty classy. - Andrew Chapman

Quality. - Daniel Shearman

I have to say this might end up being one of my favourite Christmas ads. They captured the emotions that everyone goes through during this season. Well done! - Nes Sahinkaya

I thought Christmas was supposed to be fun! This looks like a bloody funeral, not a celebration. - Peter Lynex-Hopkins

Beautifully shot but rather dull. - Richard Hayter

It's well-shot and I'm pretty stoked they avoided using some dumbass celebrity. The journey concept has yet to be done this year, so thumbs up for doing something different. - Alex Goldberg

Lovely ... got to be the best Chrimbo ad this year. - Amsterdamaged

I agree, beautifully shot; but the soundtrack, the pace ... the story actually screams something rather depressing to me. I love the Christmas spirit but am rather of the mind that home at Christmas just isn't possible for loads of people and, frankly, this ad made me a bit sad. - Sefton

Nicely done - it says Waitrose to me and good to see that they had the courage to include someone with a military connection. - Walter Denny

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