The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Ogilvy's new Ford Fiesta ad

Ford is doing my head in at the moment. There's no selling point to any of its ads, they are just trying to be arty farty for no reason. - Carl Martin

Rip-off of the Sony Bravia ads. Car looks nice though, I'll give it that. - Sarah Johnson

What does any of it mean?! This seems like a disjointed concept that has been lost somewhere between the drawing board and production. In this context "this is now" doesn't make sense to me. Looks great though, except for the car. - Jo Ward

It's an interesting technique that gradually becomes more monotonous. It is better than most car ads, although I think they should have experimented more with the graphic visuals throughout the ad. - Andrew Chapman

"This is now." If there was ever an example of how pointless some endlines are, then "this is it". - Lewis Harrison

"This is now"? What is now? There's no call to action on this ad or any of its other poster campaigns, no mention of the product either. It's all left to the consumer to have a guess. I don't think Ford meant to launch a "crediting the audience with intelligence" ad, it just forgot to mention the relevant points. The car also looks like a toy. Awful. - Louise Kennedy

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