The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Phones4U's 'women-only' day

I was involved in some psycho-physiological research into female-centric phones not so long ago, the number-one lesson of which was patronise at your peril! Makes you wonder where Phones4U is getting its advice from. - John Bunyard

Obviously it didn't get its advice from any experts. Is this badly interpreted research or just badly done research? Perhaps if it had offered a free phone, us 'girlies' may have overlooked this incredible marketing blunder. - Nicola Staines

'... that 46 per cent of women wanted a less male-centric and less intimidating shopping experience.' Wow. Less than half of less than half of the population doesn't really justify this clumsy stunt, does it? It's bad enough that the manufacturers think turning a phone pink is in some way interesting, without retailers joining in. - Richard Parkes

This must be one of the stupider stunts ever pulled - but it's kind of in keeping with what women customers complained about: too much male energy. The research says its women customers want a less intimidating shopping experience, so what does the (male) marketing director decide? Ban half of his prospects from the shops. As a man, I feel like I never want to set foot in one of its stores again, and I imagine many women may feel patronised. - Kieron Murphy.