The Week: i-Q - Web chat about ... Wieden & Kennedy's new Cravendale ad

Bizarre, yes, love it all the same. I enjoyed the first one in the series and this one is no different. It makes little if no sense but brings a smile to my face. Do I buy Cravendale as a result? No. Still, enjoyed the advert. - Julian Esposito

Outstanding creative with the power to bemuse and confound.How much milk can a bull drink and why does it want to drink milk anyway? It makes absolutely no sense, but deserves an award simply for its sheer weirdness. What is Cravendale about then? - Chris White

Crazy, strange ads. It is so disconnected from the actual brand. It may be a good ad, but is it a sound strategy? Not my bag, baby. - Gellan Watt

I dig it. Makes me want to wrestle a goat. - Alex Goldberg

Although it's weird and doesn't say much about Cravendale, it's hilarious and does make me want a glass of milk. Given that the brief was to make the nation passionate about milk, will it work? It's probably too niche to make "the nation" do anything, but it worked on me. - Dan Broadwood

The milkman's Wallace & Gromit. Not! - Sue Turner

Love it. It's fun and therefore makes the ad world a better place! - Big Think.