The Week: The Internet Question - Has Christine Walker left a lasting legacy?

Apart from being (almost) as badly dressed as me and, again like me, being one of the last professional smokers, I'll be glad to see the back of Christine. She's been a constant competitor. You always know that her endearing charm is backed by an incredible depth of media knowledge and the will to win. So, a real pain in the neck for the rest of us, and over more years than I would like to admit. But I still find myself personally liking her. - Jim Marshall, chairman, Starcom

Christine is a one-off, and one-offs leave lasting legacies. Outstanding drive with senior clients aligned with genuine commercial acumen. The success of Walker Media was a combination of all her attributes. The shrewd choice of commercial partner in M&C Saatchi, the equally shrewd choice of business partner: the wonderful Phil Georgiadis. The courtship of senior clients was just as crucially maintained at a high level once the relationship had been secured. So, a terrific personality who will be missed. She also has a) the tendency to sometimes believe her own publicity and talk bollocks, b) the ability to quadruple people's dry-cleaning bills with her smoking and c) the irritating habit of greeting me in any forum by kissing my bald head. - Graham Duff, president EMEA, Universal McCann.