The Week: The internet question - Is traditional agencies' structure screwed?

The old-school creatives, with their D&AD Award from 1998 so far up their arses they can't see below the self-imposed clouds, really need to fck off. For one thing, they ruin briefings.

A smart young creative open enough and clever enough to listen, reply and ask a planner for help, seems to get much further than these broody tossers. I've also noticed that an art director (who is also young and down to earth) who has lost his copywriter is quite capable of doing both jobs by himself. He is able to bring the brief to life and the planner is able to keep him on track. A planner and an all-round creative is a far more productive partnership than the traditional approach of making the creative floor a battery farm.


Some creatives are great, some aren't. Old or young. Depends on the person, and how well they get on with you. - Will Humphrey

Creative floor a battery farm? This is more the case in larger agencies. Luckily, where I work, our CD is kind of old-school, but a super-nice chap. I'm working on a project now that really needs a good planner, as I'm about to kick some account people in the face if they don't sort out a good brief/strategy. - Graeme Longstaff

In the future, all ads will be user-created like the content on YouTube. - SJ Rutledge.