The Week: JWT launches new Trident chewing-gum TV campaign

JWT has launched its first TV ad for Cadbury Trebor Bassett's Trident since last year's controversial "mastication for the nation" campaign, which featured a black comedian with an exaggerated Jamaican accent.

The ad, for Trident Soft, is called "mess with your head" and was created by JWT's Phillip Meyler and Darren Keff.

It features a gum-chewing office worker, whose mind takes him to an Alice in Wonderland-type world dressed as a rabbit. He jumps through the floor of the forest and ends up in a pillow fight, which leads to hundreds of teddy bears throwing him on to a cloud. The campaign breaks this week and marks the brand's return to television, a year after its last TV and cinema campaign - which featured black and white people speaking with strong Caribbean accents - broke across the UK.

More than 500 viewers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the ads showed offensive stereotypes and ridiculed black or Caribbean people. The campaign was subsequently banned for being racist and offensive.