The Week: Kaka stars in Fallon's latest TV spot for Sony Bravia

Fallon has unveiled its latest Sony Bravia ad, featuring a ten-tonne zoetrope and the AC Milan footballer Kaka.

The zoetrope, which contains a number of static images of Kaka performing a football trick, was constructed and filmed in a piazza in Venaria near Turin, in front of a crowd of locals.

The ad, which launched on Sunday night in Australia, sees the illuminated zoetrope spin, eventually gathering enough pace so that the multiple images of Kaka form one single animated movement, to the amazement of the onlookers, which include Kaka himself.

In a departure from its "colour like no other" strategy, the ad ends with the line "the smoothest picture ever", in a bid to promote Sony Bravia's new Motionflow technology.

The ad will be rolled out in Asia over the next month, and is due to break in the UK in early April.

Print and outdoor executions support the ad, alongside a digital campaign by Dare. To view the ad, visit