The Week: The Mail on Sunday launches new cinema ad campaign

The Mail On Sunday is to launch its first-ever newspaper cinema ad campaign this weekend in a bid to promote the appeal of its two magazines, You and Live. A new positioning as "Male and Female on Sunday" is intended to underline the way Live appeals to male readers and You appeals to female readers.

The ad, by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, was directed by Traktor and has been created to look like a movie trailer based around the war of the sexes. It will not run alongside other cinema commercials, but will be inserted into the group of movie trailers that run before the main film. The MoS chose cinema because it allows tight targeting of young couples; BBH's Kevin Brown devised the planning strategy.

The campaign will be accompanied by a major sampling exercise, with 1.3 million free copies of the magazines handed out to people as they leave cinemas. Stephen Miron, the managing director of the MoS, said the aim is to position the paper as the complete brand for the under-30s.