The Week: Media News - FT circulation up in October

The Financial Times bucked the downward trend in quality newspaper circulation in October by recording a 5.19 per cent month-on-month increase, according to the latest newspaper ABCs.

The FT, which sells most of its copies abroad, recorded average sales of 451,676 in October, with an average UK and Ireland circulation of 154,797 copies. With the exception of The Guardian, which recorded a 1.55 per cent increase, all other quality newspapers saw a decline in month-on-month circulation. The Independent's circulation dropped to an all-time low, falling 9.02 per cent, despite a full-colour relaunch in September. The major mid-market and tabloid daily newspapers also suffered steep month-on-month declines. The Daily Mail recorded a 2.57 per cent fall, while The Sun and the Daily Mirror fell 3 per cent and 1.48 per cent respectively.