The Week: Media News - Londonpaper posts rise ..

News International's thelondonpaper now distributes around 108,000 copies more than its rival London Lite, according to the ABC figures for June. Thelondonpaper increased distribution by 1.63 per cent to 496,504 copies in May, while Associated Newspapers' London Lite fell 2.95 per cent to 388,442.

In the national newspaper ABCs, the broadsheets suffered and the tabloids gained, with The Guardian and The Independent the worst affected. The Guardian was down 2.2 per cent in May to 363,562 copies, which was a fall of 3.44 per cent year on year, while The Independent dropped 2.92 per cent to 238,291. The Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express all enjoyed small circulation rises.