The Week: Media News - Times Online users swell

Times Online saw the biggest jump in users during April in the UK's online newspaper sector, according to the latest audited figures from ABCe.

Its user numbers increased by 10.7 per cent from the previous month, rising to 8,905,701 unique global users. Page impressions also rose by just under 2 per cent to 58,811,725. Its sister News International-owned site The Sun Online also increased user figures by 5.6 per cent to 8,235,925, with page impressions rising to 152,550,949.

Guardian Unlimited remains the UK market leader for newspaper websites, with its second-highest ever number of unique users, 15,170,348, last month. saw a slight drop of 33,491 users, to 7,359,312 for the month. Page impressions also fell from 69,559,359 to 68,691,806.

The four are the only UK newspaper websites to publish their officially audited web traffic figures every month.