The Week: Mother beats Lowe London to Stella Artois 4% launch task

Mother has won the brief to launch InBev's new 4 per cent Stella Artois variant in the UK, after a final pitch against Lowe London.

InBev called the pitch in July for the lower-strength version of Stella Artois. The review also originally involved TBWA. The campaign, which will involve TV and digital, is set to launch this November.

It is understood that InBev has only briefed Mother to launch the new variant in the UK and has not decided on an agency for after the beer's debut. Lowe London has worked with Stella Artois for the past 25 years and continues to handle the main 5.2 per cent ABV variant and Beck's brands.

The new variant is designed to distance Stella Artois from its "wife beater" nickname and to stop declining sales, which dropped 1 per cent in 2008.

If the lower-strength beer is a success in the UK, it is understood that InBev will launch it across Europe and rebrand the existing 5.2 per cent Stella Artois beer as a super-strength brand.