The Week: New Fallon Eurostar ad pays tribute to St Pancras revamp

Eurostar launched its new high-speed service on Wednesday with a TV ad celebrating the restored St Pancras International terminal. The campaign, by Fallon, also features outdoor, press and online work.

The film was shot by Joaquin Baca-Asay and focuses on the refurbishment of the 140-year-old terminal. Laurence Green, Fallon's chairman, said: "The move to St Pancras is a seminal moment. We're unashamedly bathing in the station's beauty to underscore a new era for travel."

The project to restore the station cost almost £6 billion, making it one of the largest construction projects undertaken in UK history.

Greenpeace used the launch to attack British Airways' green credentials. Press ads in The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday changed the line "Upgrade to BA" to "Upgrade to a better climate". Copy attacked BA's claims to have reduced its fuel efficiency when its CO2 emissions are alleged to have risen by 50 per cent since 1990 due to greater traffic.