The Week: Vodafone to review £55 million UK media business

Vodafone is reviewing its £55 million UK media planning and buying account.

OMD, the incumbent agency on the account, has been invited to repitch for the business.

The phone giant said it regularly reviews agencies to ensure it maintains the best in strategic talent.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: "OMD has held the contract for the past seven years and has done excellent executions around high-profile campaigns such as 'How are you?' and 'Make the most of now', so will be one of the agencies invited to pitch." Vodafone kicked off a review of its media arrangements across selected European markets at the end of last month (Campaign, 30 May).

Its European media review is procurement-driven out of Vodafone's German office.

It is to be handled on a market-by-market basis across "smaller markets" where a review has not taken place for at least three years. Such markets are believed to include Hungary and Turkey.