Weetabix hopes for Mini Crunch benefit via main brand ads

Weetabix is looking to exploit the halo effect of new TV advertising for its main brand to help the £1.2 million relaunch of its Weetabix Mini Crunch "eat on the go" range.

Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB has produced a poster and radio campaign to promote the rechristened Mini Crunch, which was formerly marketed as Minibix.

The strategy is the result of a reappraisal by Weetabix of its portfolio and its decision to strengthen the relationship between the Weetabix brand name and its line extensions.

Each ad supports one of Mini Crunch's four flavours - banana, honey, chocolate and fruit and nut. The choice of flavours and the new pack designs are intended to appeal to a broad age range.

The campaign for Mini Crunch involves six-sheet posters, and breaks nationally on Monday.

The ads were written by Brian Riley, art directed by Matt Lee, photographed by Dave Gill and illustrated by Anthony Burrill.

PHD is planning and buying media, which is aimed at exploiting the "trickle down" effect on Weetabix's TV presence on Mini Crunch without the cost of an expensive TV launch.