Weetabix targets a wide audience with its Mini Crunch ads

Weetabix is supporting its Mini Crunch "eat on the go" range with TV advertising aimed at getting the brand on to shopping lists more often.

Produced by Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB, the campaign, which breaks nationally on Saturday, features a series of scenarios in which Mini Crunch eaters are so engrossed in what they are eating that they are oblivious to the one-way conversations going on around them.

The advertising comprises two 20-second commercials. In one, a surly teenager tucks into his Mini Crunch in the family kitchen, oblivious to the fact that his father is telling him he's put his name down for ballet classes and netball practice and that he shouldn't forget his leotard.

The spots were written by Bryn Attewell, art directed by Mark Robinson and directed by Lucy Blaksted through The Brave Company. PHD is planning and buying media.

Blaksted, who based the style of the films on her work for the BBC Modern Times series, said: "Viewers will be aware of the strong similarities between what they are seeing on screen and their own family lives."