Welcome to 2019: Thoughts on the future

This is what we want to see this year.

Welcome to 2019: Thoughts on the future

Creativity from chaos

Politics, economics, country, community: it’s chaos baby and when there’s chaos the best people get right in there and play with the mess. 2019 is going to be a year for getting dirty and creative, for finding the exciting, surprising, dangerously new down in the quagmire and building something beautiful with it.

Or you could just hide.

But we reckon you’re better than that.

Get grubby.

Mind the gap

Whatever market you’re in, the last place to be in 2019 is the middle ground.

Be big, be an enormous machine, have heft, swell with technology, ooze data capabilities, stuff in armies with screens.

Or be (relatively) small, nimble, light, have (artisanal) craft, tailor bespokely, think individually, spotlight talent. Just don’t cling on to the middle; it’s disappearing.

Find your tribe or build one

We’re all people, not numbers, right? And ’cause things are looking shaky, the people need to stick together. In a world gone mad, 2019 is going to be a year of uniting people around shared beliefs.

The people will return

When did brilliant people stop being the thing? Marketers and agencies have spent so long looking at technology, they appear to have often forgotten the power of people - to entice, to thrill, to conjure, to entertain, to mollify, to reassure, to go to the pub. Sure, your adtech, your martech, your DSP, your AI, all your systems and tools are the arteries of your business. But your heart is your people and in 2019 having the best talent passionately driving your business is going to start to really matter again.

And they can't all look like you

Let’s not pretend we’re solving the problem of diversity. Progress is too slow and we need to run at this harder than ever this year. You know what you need to do.

Just bloody well do it.

This year.

In 2019.


Enjoy yourself

This has to be the year of loving it. So love it.