We'll Call You - Beiersdorf/Nivea

We'll Call You - Beiersdorf/Nivea

Mole was horrified by reports that the skincare brand had dropped our favourite songstress because her 'raunchiness' clashed with its brand values. But did it?

Mktg Hi, I'm calling because I've a question about Rihanna.

Beiersdorf Right.

Mktg There's been quite a few stories in the papers that Rihanna's not going to be representing Nivea any more and I wanted to know why.

Beiersdorf OK. Nivea and Rihanna worked together in 2011 to celebrate our brand's 100-year anniversary. The partnership was scheduled to end at the end of last year, which happened as planned.

Mktg So why are there reports that she's too raunchy and that that's why she got dropped?

Beiersdorf The reports of Rihanna being dropped by Nivea are not true. The partnership did end as planned and we thank her very much for her work on the brand.

Mktg That's weird, I definitely remember reading that your chief executive said that Rihanna wasn't compatible with your brand values anymore.

Beiersdorf I'm more than happy to send you the statement via email.

Mktg So it's definitely that the partnership came to an end and not that she got ditched?

Beiersdorf Yes, that is what happened.

Mktg I find it strange that so many people would misreport it when there seems to be such a strong statement from the man who runs the company. I want to find out why she's not compatible with your brand values.

Beiersdorf I can only speak on [the] information I have here. I'm not able to comment on other comments made.

Mktg Can you read the statement over the phone?

Beiersdorf Yes, certainly. [Reads statement.]

Mktg That just sounds insane. I don't understand why you'd end a relationship with such a brilliant performer. I'm just really sad because I really love her.

Beiersdorf Oh, I see. I can send you the statement if you want.

Mktg It's alright, I had seen the stuff that said she didn't reflect the brand values, which I found shocking, as I think she's a strong woman, and that's one of the things I thought Nivea reflected. But obviously, those reports were false.

Beiersdorf Right. As I said, I'm more than happy to email the response from the company.

Mktg OK.

Beiersdorf Thanks. Bye.



The call-handler did very well, maintaining a patient and calm demeanour while having to present and defend the company's position to an angry and confused superfan.