Cadbury: Spots V  Stripes
Cadbury: Spots V Stripes

We'll Call You - Cadbury

Mole has been baffled by the 'Spots V Stripes' TV ads that feature events such as loo-roll unravelling and speed tea-making. What is Cadbury going on about?

Cadbury: Hello (name) speaking, how can I help you?

Mktg: Hi, I'm calling because I'm confused about the Spots V Stripes thing. I saw the TV ad ... does it mean we're meant to be trying to break Guinness World Records in our offices?

Cadbury: I'm also confused. If you don't mind me popping you on hold, I'll see who I can get to answer. (Puts Mktg on hold.)

Cadbury: Hi, sorry to keep you. If you don't mind I'll pop you through to our switchboard and see if you can be transferred to the Spots V Stripes team.

Mktg: Sure. (Mktg is put on hold.)

Cadbury: Hello, can I help?

Mktg: Can you put me through to your Spots V Stripes team?

Cadbury: Yes, that is our marketing team in Uxbridge. I'll put you through. (Line goes dead. Mktg calls back; operator gives Uxbridge number, then tries and again fails to connect the call. Mktg dials new number.)

Mktg: Hi, can you put me through to the Spots V Stripes team, please?

Cadbury: I can only put you through if you have the name of a person.

Mktg: Oh, I was told to ask for the Spots V Stripes team in the marketing department.

Cadbury: Unfortunately, there is a 'no name' policy, so I can't put you through. Perhaps you could find out somehow and get back to me and then I could put you through.

Mktg: Could you connect me to the customer helpline?

Cadbury: Sorry, I don't have the customer service line. (Mktg calls customer services again.)

Cadbury: Cadbury Careline, (name) speaking, how can I help you?

Mktg: Hi, I'm trying to find out about the Spots V Stripes thing. I don't understand what the campaign is. Are you meant to be doing races in your office?

Cadbury: It's quite complicated. I can send you some information? There's so many aspects of Spots V Stripes that I don't know all the information.

Mktg: That would be great, thanks. (Mktg takes the email address to contact and hangs up, exhausted.)


Cadbury's customer service call-handlers were extremely friendly and patient, but the switchboard operators less than helpful and careless. It took too long to find out that no one could give out direct information; getting disconnected twice did not improve the experience.

SCORE: 2/10